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Thanthrik Festivals (Poushtika Karmas)

Rigveda Laksharchana

In the month of Dhanu, Rigveda Laksharchana, under the auspices of thanthri and attended by great vedic scholars, is performed for 8 days. The Rigveda Archana commences in the early hours every day and Abhisheka will be performed in the evening.

Cultural programs will be held during the first 7 days staging temple arts and art forms, well attended by large audiences and many dignitaries.

Dravya Kalasam

Dravya Kalasam in the month of Thulam is conducted with its thanthrik and ritualistic varieties for 8 days under the auspices of Temple Thanthri. The Dravya Kalasam will commence with Aacharyavaranam, Mulayidal, Praasdasudhi, Rakshoknahoma, Asthrakalasa, Vaasthukalasa, Dhara, Sudhi, Homas, Thatwahoma, and finally concludes with Brahmakalasa Abhisekha accompanied by Valiyapani and Melavadhyams etc.


There will be one day’s special thanthri pooja every month followed with Murajapa by great vedic scholars.


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